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Key West Wedding

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Are you dreaming of a wedding in paradise? Especially on the beach? Read on to see why you should have your wedding in key west florida.

Should I have a key west wedding?

Key West Beach Weddings are special for those who want something different from traditional key west wedding venues. Beach weddings in key west are also considered romantic and if you're only going to get married once, that's exactly why many couples choose to have a beach wedding. Key West Weddings on the Beach are fun for guests to attend to because it's on the beach, and it's more laid back. The photographs that's taken at a beach wedding are often appealing and can be treasured for the rest of the couple's lives.

Why a Key West Wedding?

Weddings in Key West are magical because it's beautiful. There's always the warm ocean breeze, and it's always almost sunny here. Every year, thousands of couples get married here because of the convenience and many beach locations you can get married at.

When people think of Key West Destination Wedding, they think it's too expensive to get married here because it's one of the most popular US destination, especially in the winter. But there are many places, such as ours, that have key west wedding packages that are simple and affordable. Whether you just want an intimate ceremony or have all of your friends and family together, there are key west wedding packages you can decide from us that will fit your needs.

Smathers beach is the location that many couples decide to have a wedding at because they do not charge a fee. It is also the perfect place to have your Key West wedding at. Key West weddings are often affordable due to many places having key west wedding packages that caters to the bride and groom's needs. When you choose from one of our key west wedding packages, you will not only save money, but have everything that you need for your perfect day. Purchasing one of our key west wedding packages also means that you will save time, so that you can focus on your friends and family.

There's so much to do in Key West while you are here for your wedding. You can go snorkeling, sailing and parasailing with your friends. If you want something more family friendly, you can take them to on a Florida Keys Nature and History tour where you can see some animals, the ecology and learn to interest facts about the Florida Keys.

Plan Your Key West Wedding Today

Are you interested in a Key West wedding? Do you dream of getting married on the beach with your closest friends and family? We can help you select a key west wedding package and also help with deciding from our large variety of beautiful key west wedding packages that will fit perfectly for your beach wedding. If you need arches, chairs, tables or specific linens, we have it. Contact us today so that one of our key west wedding  planners can help you choose the perfect key west wedding package for your dream key west  wedding.

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